Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A day at the office

 This is one of those times, when you just come across something funny and you just have to share it.Read this story about a guys first day at the office and see if it tickles your funny bone.I can safely say this has never happened to me, but you know you company might be getting a bit too big if…
When my company hired a new assistant -- the "most highly qualified" among a  hundred plus applicants -- I looked forward to FINALLY having someone who  could use e-mail and do mail merge. It didn't take long for my hopes to be dashed.  After a few weeks of repeated reports that her e-mail was "down" and my  explaining -- repeatedly -- to Miss Clueless, "You have to type an e-mail address  in the TO box; www.stupid.com is a web address" or "You need to click the SEND button for the message to go out," my impatience was obvious. She quit asking me  for help.

Months later the technician who does monthly troubleshooting on our systems was here. Clueless asked me, "Is 'Tech Guy' here?" "Yes," I replied, "I think he's in Boss's  office." After Tech Guy attended to her e-mail error I asked him, "What was the  problem this time?" He grinned, Typical Windows error "PEBKAC - Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair."