Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Three Questions

Three nuns were driving to church in a car.  Suddenly, the driver, ran off the cliff and all three nuns died. When they got up to heaven, they were surprised to see St. Peter greeting people at the gate.  The nuns got at the
end of the line.

Every once and a while, people from the very front of the line would walk back and leave.  This made the nuns curious. Finally, about two hours later, they reached the gate.  The first nun asked St. Peter why people would leave.

"Well", said St. Peter, "heaven is getting really full and to enter, you must answer a question correctly"

"Ok.  What is my question then", asked the first nun.

"Who was the first man on earth?"

"Oh, that is easy," said the nun, "Adam was the first man on earth."

"Very good, you may now go on to heaven"

"OK Peter, what is my question?" said the next nun.

"Who was the first woman on earth?"

"Eve was the first woman on earth" she said.

"OK, are you ready for you question?" St. Peter asked the third nun.

"Yes I am" she replied.

"What was the first thing Eve said to Adam?"

"That is a hard one" the third nun replied.

"You may now go on to heaven" St. Peter replied.

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