Saturday, June 18, 2011

Difference of the sexes

Are Men and Women really the same?

Read these two versions of getting a haircut and answer the question yourself.

Women's version:

Woman 2: Oh!   You got a haircut!  That's so cute!

Woman 1: Do you think so?  I wasn't sure when she was gave me the mirror. I mean, you don't think it's too fluffy looking?

Woman 2: Oh Lord no!  No, it's perfect.  I'd love to get my hair cut like that, but I think my face is too wide. I'm pretty much stuck with this stuff I think.

Woman 1: Are you serious?  I think your face is adorable. And you could easily get one of those layer cuts - that would look so cute I think.  I was actually going to do that except that I was afraid it would accent my long neck.

Woman 2: Oh - that's funny!  I would love to have your neck! Anything to take attention away from this two-by-four I have for a shoulder line.

Woman 1: Are you kidding?  I know girls that would love to have your shoulders.  Everything drapes so well on you. I mean, look at my arms - see how short they are?  If I had your shoulders I could get clothes to fit me so much easier.
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Men's version:

Man2:   Haircut?
Man1:   Yeah.

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