Friday, July 29, 2011

Religious Golf

Jesus and Moses were playing golf and Jesus had a pretty bad shot over a water hazard onto the green. Moses told Jesus to use a 4 iron (a certain type of golf club - for those of you who are non-golfers) and Jesus said that if the world's most famous golfer, Jack Nicholas, can succeed using a 3 iron than he can use a 3 iron as well.

Again, Jesus hit the ball with the 3 iron and the ball fell right in the water - a horrible situation for a golfer.

He asked Moses to go get his ball so Moses went and parted the water and got the ball. He then asked Jesus if he now was going to you use a 4 iron.

He argued again if Jack Nicholas can use a 3 iron he can use a 3 iron and he proceeded to hit his ball in the water again, and again he asked Moses to get his ball.

Moses said if he hit his ball in the water one more time, than he would have to get the ball himself from the water.

"So, will you use the 4 iron now, asked Moses"

Jesus repeated again "If Jack Nicholas can use a 3 iron...  and he proceeded to plop the ball directly into the water - AGAIN.

Jesus didn't bother asking Moses again to help out, so he went out himself to get his ball. At the same time, a man walked by and saw him walking on the water and asked Moses. Who does he think he is, Jesus Christ?"

"No", replied Moses, "Jack Nicholas."

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