Thursday, October 6, 2011


A man goes into a bar and noticing a very attractive woman, sits beside her. Looking her over, he notices her brief case with the letters NAN and says, "NAN can I buy you a drink?".

The girl looks up and says, "Yes you can , but my name is not NAN."

To which the man replies, ì what does Nan stand for. The lady explains that NAN is the National Association of Nyphomanics and that they are having a local convention.

To which the man asks, What do they discuss at these conventions.

The Lady replies that they discuss the attributes of men......for example we know that Native American Men are well endowed, that Jewish men know exactly what to say to a woman and that men from the countryside have staying power.  They can go on for hours on end.

Then she says,"Enough about me and NAN..what is your name?"

The man replies...My name is TONTO GOLDBERG, but my friends call me BUBBA

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