Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Funny Complaints and Customer Service

B&Q Hardware Retail

Customer: Can I pay for items over the phone with cash?
Agent:      Aw…well, I suppose you could fax it to us.

Microsoft technical help-desk

Agent:      Right, now I want you to close all the open windows.
(after 5 minutes of silence)
Customer: The only window that was open was in the bathroom…I’ve closed that, now what?

Au Natural

Customer: Hi, I am looking for candles.
Agent:      OK, is it just any kind of candles?
Customer: No, it’s those scented ones…now what do you call them?  That’s it, incest candles.

Read more: http://purpleslinky.com/humor/work/funny-complaints-and-customer-service-calls/#ixzz10p6hggOg


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